Ready for this 2019 “American Citizen Biker” RIDE for 2019 ?  I am !  . . . Let’s roll . . .

Please introduce – encourage and invite your like-minded buddies to “like” the American Citizen Biker FaceBook Page, for daily messages, and to sign up for this blog . . . I’m going to try to blog post at least 3 times a week – if you like ’em consider sharing or reposting them to / for your buddies . . . Please have some patience with me as this old dawg is still ‘learning’ this ‘blog stuff,’ formatting, etc.  I should get better at it the more I do, and am looking forward to learning and figuring out the posting some video blog posts too – cuz I can talk faster than I type !!!

I’m looking forward to A LOT activism and advocacy in 2019.  Advancing and Defending our FREEDOMS is not passive – it is active.  And we need to do this together.

And if not you, . . . who?  If not now, . . . when ?

I can suggest.  I can coach.   I can post.  But without others, I am only one.  I’m asking you to be ACTIVE.  I’m asking you to be part of a movement of Citizen Bikers.    We can and we will be a force.  One day at a time.  One e-mail or phone message at a time . . . well may a few more than one each day . . . It’s really simple math.  If we got five Citizen Bikers doing the same, we’ll be five times as effective as one.  If we get 50 doing the same, we’ll be 50 times as effective as one.  500, . . . yup, 500 times more effective than one. You have the ROAR within you.  Let’s get it off the kick-stand and forward HO !

Our 8.5 million-plus numbers can neutralize or exceed others’ $pecial interest$ buck$.  Officials want re-election or promotion at the polls. They ask us to support and vote for their re-election or promotion.  It is RIGHT for us to ask for and get their support for our core issues as Americans and as Citizens and as Bikers, in exchange for our support and vote.

The BIG $$$ doesn’t go to the polls – people do.  Riders do.  We are a HUGE voting block.  Sure, the $$$ can ‘influence’ some voters but not us.

An example, Beto in TX Senate race spent  over $70M ($70,000,000.00) WTF ?  – He got  4,045,632 votes (48.3%) . . . (about $17.30 a vote) . . .

Cruz got 4,260,553 vote (50.9%) spending $ 33.4M ($33,400,000.00) (about $7.83 a vote) . . . and $37M less than Beto.

Cruz rode to re-election because Texans supported his values and positions more than the $$$ spent.  People mattered more than $$$. And that is good.

Let me know some of the goals you’d like to work towards in 2019 and let’s see if we can rally others and ‘git em dun’ . . .  follow us here in this blog by signing and and at least let me know what State you’re in and what you ride !  Like us on Facebook at American Citizen Biker.  Invite your buddies to get on this Ride !

You can send me a personal ‘friend request’ if you’d like at Paul W. Cote, (but send a private message too cuz I don’t accept ‘friend’ request from people I don’t know or who don’t have mutual buddies with me).  And you can e-mail me at either or  Feel welcomed to ask me anything in confidence or suggest a topic you’d like to know or hear more about and I’ll do my best to address it based on my own personal experience, knowledge and research.

Here’s to a marvelous 2019 for you and yours . . . let’s ROAR ON !