Think “it can’t be” done . . . think again . . .

With the 1st two legal recreation pot shops to open here in Massachusetts on Tuesday, (11/20/18) . . . we gotta give a tip of the beanie to NORML and supporters of legalizing POT, since the 1970’s.
NORML was founded by one person, Keith Stroup, and funded by a $5,000 donation from the Playboy Foundation. (We used to say in the 70’s ‘pot would be legal if we could remember where we left the petitions’ !).

Lots of history over the years, from when pot WAS legal, then WAS criminalized. Taking the fight first to the Federal Government (failure) then to individual State Governments, with local citizen activists and advocates (GRASSroots at its best) educating others and local legislators and 50 years later . . . here we are!

“Grassroots” – here’s “6 – G’s” of gittin’ stuff dun . . .

GO – get started. Got a fire in your belly ? Get it inflamed. Get started.

GATHER – info, stats, documents, supporting evidence of your position.

GET – others involved – strength in numbers

GUIDE – educate legislators. Guide them to your position with evidence

GIVE – your time, your talent, your money and support to those supporting your position. If not you, . . . who ? If not now . . . when ?

GAIN – . . . you WILL get your desired results . . . even if it takes 50 years ! and

Never ever give in . . . and Never ever give up !