American Citizen Bikers PAC is an “independent expenditure Committee” rallying others to act, pooling our “niche market” of owners of over 8.5 million motorcycles here in America via our grassroots sweat equity via local and national activism and this “SUPER Political Action Committee” to pool and match our “Biker Buck$” mouths with our wallets and pocketbooks via our donations to advocate and ROAR to elect officials who support and work to preserve our Freedoms and Liberties, our unalienable Rights and those Rights as enumerated in our Bill of Rights and Amendments, and hold the stated limits of the Federal & State Constitutions and City & Town incorporations as created and granted by ‘We the People.”

We support our Constitution
We support our history, our Flag and our Anthem
We support our Veterans and most of us have served
We support individual and personal responsibility
We support legal immigration and what our own ancestors went through
We support a free marketplace and fair trade, small businesses and workers
We support ‘term limits’ via elections because WE RIDE and WE VOTE !

What we Ride, Where we Ride, and Who we Ride with separates us, but on these issues and those involving our motorcycles and Right to Ride, we get together, we work together, and we ACHIEVE together.

We all might not look as pretty or talk as wise as others, but we ARE AMERICAN CITIZEN BIKERS, and we RIDE and we ROAR!


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