Civics 101, Revisited / Refresher
by Paul W. Cote, via American Citizen Biker, September 2018

On the Federal level . . . here’s the make up of your Congress

Each of us is represented by three legislative branch members (two U.S. Senators and one Congressional Representative)

OUR Constitution created a bicameral national Legislative Branch – that is a Congress, composed of two separate chambers, the Senate & House of Representatives

Our Senate, sometimes call ‘the upper house,” is made up of 100 members who are elected to serve 6-year terms.  Each State, no matter how small or large, has equal representation (two seats each) in the Senate.

Every two years, 33-34 (1/3rd) of the U.S. Senate seats are up for election (plus those appointed to fill out a retired or deceased Senators term)

The House of Representatives, a.k.a., ‘the lower house,’ is made up with one (1) member from 435 Districts of about 710,000 citizens (census every 10-years) and its members are elected every two (2) years to only 2-year year terms.
Representation in this House is proportional to population, so larger populated States receive many more seats than smaller / less populated seats.

Your U.S. Congressional Representative is YOUR CLOSEST and most ACCOUNTABLE link to your Federal Government (having to ‘answer’ to you at the ballot box every 2-years)

Elections for Federal Representatives are every two years in he ‘even-numbered’ years (e.g. 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022, etc.)

Get to know your three Members of Congress, . . . and their Staff

You don’t have to go to Washington, DC to find them. Each have offices in your own State and Districts. Each has a web site. Get on their e-mail mailing lists for issues, meetings in your District and other events. Be their “go to ‘Citizen Biker” who they come to for rider information and input. Have your seat that their table – showing up, them knowing you on a personal, recognized face is more than 90% of the success you and we will have. If you do get to Washington, include a scheduled visit to their DC office . . . that will have a greater impact that you traveled and came to see them !

If you ain’t doing politics, . . . politics is doing you !

Via Paul W. Cote, American Citizen Biker – “Civics 101, Revisited and Refresher – September 2018

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