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Over 8 million ‘Citizen Bikers’ – from ‘sea to shining sea”

From California having 842,106 motorcycles registered as the highest to a low of 28,158 Bikes in Delaware.

See 2016 stats on numbers of registered motorcycles here.

Citizen Bikers are in EVERY State –

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Over 8 million – a loyal, patriotic ‘niche’ market that take civic duties and responsibilities serious and cuts through the garbage and fake news .

In some States, one in every 12 adult citizens owns a motorcycle. South Dakota, in 2014 had one out of 12; New Hampshire having 1 in every 17; and 1 of each of Iowa’s 18 citizens owning a motorcycle.

See here for states ranked by highest motorcycle ownership.

Everyone who rides a motorcycle does something else. We are your employers and employees. We are your neighbors. We are Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Mothers, Daughters and Sisters, and grandparents !

The American Motorcyclists Association (the ‘other’ AMA) last year reviewed / tracked over 21,000 pieces of legislation, having over 213,000 members, (93% male/7% female) who’s demographics show average age of 49 years and average household income $85,300, as of August 2018 !

See facts and figures from the AMA about our riding community.

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